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Q: Do I have to download any software to use Txt-2-Win?

A: No, all of our text products are web based so you can access them from any device that can access the internet.

Q: Do my customers have to download an app on their phone to participate?

A: No, Txt-2-Win, as with all of our text products, are SMS messaging and will work on all phones that receive text messages.

Q: Do I have to know my customer’s provider to use Contact Wireless’s Text products?

A: No, we are a carrier and do not need that information.

Q: How many contests can I have running at one time?

A: You can have from 1 to 100, depending on pricing.

Q: How do people enter a contest?

A: By texting the contest's keyword to your contest number (long-code).

  • Compliance.

    All our TEXT products are engineered to meet or exceed FCC standards. Contact Wireless ensures that all subscribers can opt-out quickly, easily, and permanently from unwanted SMS communications.

  • Secure.

    We respect your privacy. We never sell or share your information with anyone!

    Contact Wireless takes all appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data.

  • Return On Investment.

    Texting cost less than print and is a more effective and convenient way to communicate than email. Our texting solutions give you the ability to target clients, customers and staff with valid information that gets RESULTS quickly!

  • Who's Using Text Messaging?

    Businesses, groups, organizations, agencies, and individuals are using our texting solutions.

    • Businesses

      Flight Based Operations (FBO's) - Real Estate - Retail - Restaurants - Bars / Nightclubs
      -Doctors / Dentists - Resorts - Hotels

    • Groups

      Religious Groups - Community Groups - Non-Profits

    • Oranizations

      Team Sports - Soccer / Football / Basketball / Baseball / Volleyball / Tennis / Wrestling / Track and Field / MMA

    • Agencies

      State, County and Federal Agencies - Child Support Enforcement Divisions - Collection Agencies - Law Enforcement

    • Individuals

      Software Developers

    • Blacklist Function.

      Available with TxtPage Plus and BulkText Messaging. The Blacklist Function gives your customers the ability to permanently REMOVE themselves from your list by replying to any campaign text with "REMOVE", "CANCEL", "STOP", or "DELETE". Customers can also be removed by request to the list account administrator.

    • Opt-In. Opt-Out.

      Available with and TxtAlert. Texting regulations require that you obtain subscribers permission before beginning any text marketing campaign. Once your opt-in list has been created, it is easy for your subscribers to opt-out by replying to any campaign text with "REMOVE" , "CANCEL", "STOP" or "DELETE". Subscribers can also opt-out by calling us directly at (505) 275-4603.

    • Easy to Use.

      Intuitively designed with you in mind. Our web-based interface is user friendly and as simple as 1-2-3.

    • Nationwide Coverage.

      Our web-based text messaging services are available in the continental United States including Alaska and Hawaiii, and also available in Canada.

    • Text anyone. Text anywhere.

      With our texting solutions you can communicate across different devices and platforms. Use your desktop computer, mobile phone, tablets, or laptop to send secure messages to any mobile device.

    • Eco-Friendly.

      Reduce waste, costly supplies and increase efficiency when using our paper free texting solutions.

    • Proudly made in the USA.

      We are proud to say that all our web-based text messaging products are 100% developed, engineered, and supported in the USA.